Buzzword BS

Forget the buzzwords. Why your business shouldn’t just jump on digital trends.

Digital transformations, digital maturity assessments, virtual reality, autonomous, smart homes, crowd sourced funding…. Buzzwords that you’ve likely heard over and over – maybe even been coerced into performing. When we use the term digital we are referring to everything that reaches your customers on a digital platform. This could be information from websites, social media platforms, self-serve kiosks, digital ads, apps and it doesn’t end there as digital is expanding every day. All too often, the information landscape is filled with articles, social posts, videos and self-proclaimed digital experts advising you on what you should do to get a mind blowing quick fix for your business. I’ve learned over and over in my career in digital that when a business is enticed into blindly doing something trendy, it often does more harm than good. So why are these terms and solutions being thrown out into the business landscape potentially dangerous? If you jump to the execution of a tactic without understanding if it’s a strategic fit to achieve your business objectives.

We wholehearted agree that your business can’t thrive today or in the future without a well thought out and researched digital plan. Not only does your business need to be in the digital spaces your customer is in, you need to provide them with value that differentiates you form your competitors. But the devil is always in the details, so…

Where should you start? You need to know where you’re going in the car before you can get there right? Identify your business goals fist. What are you trying to do and who you’re trying to reach?

Find the right experts to help you to identify the best strategic solution in the digital realm that can contribute to achieving your specific business goals.

Leverage their years of experience to develop an effective, measurable digital strategy – after all, why pay to learn again what they already know? Steve Jobs, captured it perfectly when he said; “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do, we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

How do I get there? Research which digital channels your customers are spending their time and get resources to put your business there. Work with these experts to identify the right digital channels to reach your digital customer long term.

Digital is never done. The beauty of digital is also that it’s measurable. So test, measure, adjust, test, fix and don’t stop learning, evolving and growing. Use solid measures to continually evolve with your organization and digital strategy.

We aren’t saying you should stop reading those articles, social posts, and watching those videos on what’s evolving in digital, but ensure you have the resources to evaluate before you react, and ask carefully how can this apply appropriately to what I’m trying to achieve. Who knows? Maybe the current trend is the best course of action for your business needs, but with enough information, you will know where that trend will take you.

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Written by Lauren Rigato, President of Superior Digital.

Lauren Rigato is the creative mastermind behind Superior Digital, the top, growing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy and execution as well and providing next-level traditional marketing services.
Lauren brings over 20 years of experience in social media and digital marketing that has successfully achieved organizational objectives.
Her most recent roles as the Director, Digital Marketing and Sales with the Ottawa Senators NHL team, and previously at Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) as the National Director of eBusiness are examples of building and managing top-tier North American digital strategies that have been recognized by brands like Apple as the best in the country.